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Freak out!

[Monday evening]

*after he'd returned to the base and helped Scrapper with the plants, Breakdown had made a quick getaway to the washracks, wanting to clean himself (he swore that was Dead End leaking through the gestalt bond).  After that,he headed for his favorite hideaway, planning on curling up, forgetting the world and drinking some of the high grade he still had stashed there*

*what he wasn't expecting was to see a little heart made of wires sitting in the middle of the floor of the storage closet*

What the frag?

*closer examination made him realise that the wires were his - leading to the only conclusion he could think of.  Vortex.  Vortex had been here and made a pretty little bow out of the wires he'd pulled out of Breakdown!*

*Vortex had been there...*

*turning around, he headed for the lower decks and a little used supply room.  Still stunned, he opened the door and found a bow of wires in the middle of the room, along with a note*

Eep! *his shock and fear filtered across the gestalt bond before he could stop it.  Vortex knew all his hiding places.  Vortex had been in them and left him little 'presents'*

*he ran for the hold where spare parts were kept- rarely anyone went in there (except the Constructicons and he'd learnt not to go in there any time after a battle).  He stopped and leant against a rack, trying to calm his ventilations down.  He was being stalked by the Combaticon.  But if he was, why hadn't Vortex come and found him as soon as he'd got back for their evening together?  Trying to persuade himself he was reading far too much into things, he turned around to look at the doorway*

*and that was when he saw it.  The hastily scrawled (but perfectly legible) message on the very rack he'd been leaning against*

I'm watching you.

*Breakdown squeaked and collapsed*


Operation: Plant collection is a go

[Monday afternoon]

*Breakdown was quite happy to linger behind Motormaster, grateful that the going got easier the closer they got to this... 'botanical garden'.*

*eventually, he overtook Motormaster, desperate to get there and get back to the base*

[Friday evening]

Breakdown pulled to a stop in a dark alley, with enough space for both him and Motormaster.  They'd been on a rampage since leaving the Constructicons base, trying to chase away the images of Scrapper de-plating the Autobots (not that either of them would admit it).  They'd left a trail of carnage and destruction behind them, vehicles strewn across the freeway and huge pileups.

Engine idling, Breakdown tried not to hear the screams of the Autobots that were echoing through his processor.

"Those mechs are worse than Vortex." He muttered, half to himself, half to Motormaster.
[Timestamp: Saturday afternoon]

*Breakdown had made himself as comfortable as he could in his brand new hidey hole.  Upper deck, storage room, just down from the control room where no one would think to look for him.  At least, that was his hope.

It was quiet and dark, just the way he wanted it.  After the furby incident (which Motormaster had got rid of for him... he still wasn't sure whether to be thankful or annoyed at the amount of plating the semi had ripped off to get to it) and the whole battle with the Autobots at the powerplant... especially with that Aerialbot taunting him about the voices he'd heard and just how did he know?  He was watching!  Watching and looking and always watching!

Breakdown cringed and sipped at the cube of energon he held.  He had a nice stack now, purloined from the cubes they'd brought back from the powerplant.  Enough so that he could hide here for as long as he needed.  And he'd 'borrowed' a few of Dead End's e-books too, thinking that he might see what the Porsche found so interesting about them.

Maybe he'd come out... soon... maybe...*
[Timestamp: Tuesday morning]

*Having helped fix Motormaster as much as he could, Breakdown had returned to his own room to recharge.
Waking the next morning, he knew he needed energon and resisting the urge to stay in his quarters, he carefully made his way to the rec room.  He paused and backtracked quickly as he saw Onslaught standing in the doorway, not wanting to go anywhere near the Combaticon leader.  He lingered round the corner until he heard Onslaught leave before making his way towards the rec room*

Safe safe...

[Saturday late afternoon]

*Finally, he was somewhere safe.  As safe as he could be on a ship full of Decepticons who were all out to get him!  He was grateful to Motormaster for rescuing him from Vortex's interrogation room.  He honestly hadn't been sure how much longer he would have been able to cope.  Not with that camera watching him!
At the thought of the camera, he curled up tigher, drawing his knees up to his chest.  He'd found a disused storage closet - another one as Motormaster had found his last one - and was as far back as he could get.  There were a few pieces of equipment here, but nothing he figured was important.  Most were covered with dust.
Reassuring himself that he was indeed alone, he offlined his optics, intent on calming himself down.  If he didn't calm down, he wouldn't be able to leave.  And if he couldn't leave, then Motormaster would find him and drag him out in front of everyone and they'd all be staring at him!

He wasn't sure how long had gone by, but he was beginning to feel calmer, more able to rejoin his team*

Jan. 17th, 2009

[Timestamp: Early Friday morning]

*heads away from Motormaster's quarters as quickly as he can.  The corridors are deserted, most Cons still at the 'party' or in their own quarters*

If I make sure I know where everyone is, then no one can sneak up on me and tear my spoiler off and they can't watch me if I deactivate the cameras...

*mutters to himself, making his way to the command room, convinced that if he turns the ship-wide comm systems off, no Con can find him*

Jan. 4th, 2009

[Timestamp: Thursday night]

*After Motormaster left to return to the party, Breakdown spend far too long simply staring at the door, audios straining to hear the footsteps he knew were going to come.

He'd just begun to relax as much as he could allow himself (after all, they were all still watching him through those infernal cameras Hook had placed inside him at Vortex's request) when pain briefly lanced across the gestalt link.

His instinctive reaction was that Vortex had somehow managed to persuade Hook to wire his internal systems wrongly to create feedback through his comm systems.  As the brief pain dissipated, he managed to look up, staggering across to the door to convince himself that it was still locked.*

Need out, need to get out, need to hide, away from everyone where they can't look can't see can't look...

*needing to hide more than needing to preserve whatever dignity he still had, he opened a comm line to Motormaster*

 Need out, let me out...

Dec. 11th, 2008

[Thursday, (early) evening]

*making his retreat from the mess hall, he heads down corridors, taking each turn precisely, hurrying towards his destination - a small unused closet hidden in the depths of the ship.  It was probably used for storage once upon a time, but now it was his.  No one else knew about it (that he knew of and Primus he didn't want to know that they knew where to find him!) and he was safe there.  Away from prying optics always looking at him, always staring!*

*he curled up in the corner as best he could, the darkness covering him and hiding him from everything (at least in his processor it was).  Muttering to himself, he tried to reassure himself - that Vortex wouldn't find him and tear his spoiler off in strips.  That Onslaught wouldn't allow Vortex his 'playdate' and that Motormaster wouldn't slag him... Motormaster... why had the semi stepped in?  Was it because he wanted to torment Breakdown himself?  That had to be the reason.  There couldn't be any other reason... could there?*

Sep. 25th, 2008

[Tuesday night]

Great, just great.  Motormaster finally hauls our afts back to base and Hook isn't here!  How the frag am I meant to get repaired?  I think everything's broken.  And I've been managing to avoid Motormaster in an attempt to keep it that way.  He can do far more damage than that Autobot I know!
And I think Dead End's sulking about his spoiler.  I'm not sure exactly how long he spent in the wash racks once we got back.  But it was a very very very long time.

*flops onto his berth, wincing when something cracks*